Brain Facts for Kids: Amazing Facts About the Human Brain

If you’re looking for fun facts about the brain for an upcoming school science project, this brain facts for kids article will tell you everything you need to know!

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Your brain is a really powerful organ that controls almost everything that you do! It’s like an epic supercomputer in our head that lets us think, make decisions and recall memories. It’s also in charge of a range of automatic bodily functions that happen without you even thinking about them like blinking, breathing and digesting your food.

The brain is wrinkly-looking and it’s made up of grey matter, white matter and blood vessels.

Brains are incredible!

Have you ever done something on autopilot like walked home from school and then suddenly wondered how you got there as you were so caught up in what you were thinking that you weren’t focusing on where you were going? Our brains are pretty smart and they can do a range of things without us even needing to make decisions!

How about an occasion where you used your quick instincts? Maybe it was to jump out of the way of a bike at the park, or to catch something that had been knocked over? Your brain can flip into action at lightning speed as your eyes send an instant message that you need to react and then your body springs into action to save the day. It’s all thanks to your brain. 

While a lot is known about how the brain works, science still has so much to learn about the human brain.


Here are some fun facts about the brain

  • Your brain doesn’t fully form until you’re in your mid-twenties. As you reach middle age, your brain begins shrinking.
  • Your brain is working all the time – even when you’re sleeping. Dreaming is an example of your brain at work even when you’re resting.
  • Your brain weighs about 1.5kg.
  • Your brain is divided into two sides. Each side is in control of the opposite side of your body. This means the left side of your brain controls the right side of your body, and the right side of your brain controls the left side of your body. Weird, hey?
  • Your brain is the texture of a firm jelly (not that you’ll ever get to touch it to check!)
  • As your brain is so important, it is protected by your skull which keeps it safe. As a double layer of protection, your brain floats in a liquid called cerebrospinal fluid which helps protect it from any bumps while also providing the brain with important nutrients to help it function.


This diagram of the brain for kids clearly shows the main parts of the brain.

brain diagram for kids


The cerebrum and prefrontal cortex: Kids’ brain facts

The cerebrum is the thinking part of your brain so you need it to solve problems, draw pictures, learn new things and make decisions. This is where all of your memories are stored too – from those that just happened, to those going back years when you were little. Your mind really is like an amazing computer where you can pull up old experiences that are stored away.

The cerebrum is also in charge of your movements like waving, running or stretching so it’s pretty important. 

Your prefrontal cortex is part of your cerebrum and it sits behind your eyes and forehead. This part of our brain is integral to our personality and behaviour – it’s important for building relationships and sticking to our values and goals.

The cerebrum is in two halves and it’s thought that the right half helps with more creative tasks, whereas the left half is used for more analytical tasks. Somebody might say you’re right-brained if you love to dance, paint, write or bake. And if you love maths challenges, science and engineering then you might be called left-brained. Both sides of the brain are equally important though.

The cerebellum: Amazing brain facts

The cerebellum is a small section at the back of your brain. It may be small but it is important for managing how your body moves together – how you balance, stand and walk around.

The brain stem: Facts about the brain

Your brain stem connects your brain to your spinal cord which runs down your spine. This section is crucial for your heartbeat, breathing and digestion. This is an essential part of our brain as it keeps the blood pumping around our body. It’s a bit like the control centre as it manages all of the jobs that need doing in the body and allows them to happen automatically without us even needing to think about it.

Pituitary gland: Fun brain facts kids

The pituitary gland is a teeny part of your brain the size of a pea, but it’s still really important. This tiny section of your brain releases hormones. It makes you grow and it changes you as you grow and mature through puberty.

Amygdala: Brain facts for kids

Your amygdala is tucked in the middle of your brain. This section processes your emotions and memories associated with fear. Sometimes you might find yourself scared to do something – go to school, do a presentation, perform on stage, play a soccer match – even though you know there is no real danger involved in doing that task. The reason you feel afraid is because your amygdala has assessed it as a risk and is trying to keep you safe.

Your amygdala will trigger your flight or fight response in the event of danger (or perceived danger). This means that sometimes you can feel afraid not because there is a real danger in front of you, but because your brain is misinterpreting the situation and overreacting.

The hypothalamus: Interesting brain facts

This part of your brain regulates your temperature to make sure you stay just right (around 37°C). This means your body will sweat when you get too hot or shiver and get goose bumps if you get too cold.


Baby in a thinking pose having an idea on a white background

Can you improve your brain development?

Are you wondering if there are any brain exercises for kids to help make your brain stronger? Yes there are! You can try out these brain gym exercises for kids to improve your memory, co-ordination and concentration.

Doing brain activities really can improve your brain functions.  

Can you live without a brain?

As your brain controls your breathing, digestion and heartbeat, you can’t survive without a brain.

What is the difference between the brain and mind?

Although people often use the brain and mind interchangeably, they are very different things. Your brain is a physical organ that is the centre of the nervous system, whereas your mind is your understanding of the world, and your awareness – it’s non-physical and you can’t touch it.

Can you eat to improve your brain? Is there a brain food kids should eat?

There are lots of foods that can give your brain a boost. Fatty fish, blueberries, broccoli, oranges and even dark chocolate are worth adding to your list of brain foods to eat.


Our brains are truly remarkable! I hope this brain facts for kids article has helped you appreciate this incredible organ!

If you want to learn even more about our amazing brains, check out these books!

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